Globalgreen International

City of Consolacion, Cebu

GGI Energy and GGRE Philippines are to undertake a US$90 Million new WTE project on the Consolacion City Landfill which was established in 2009. The landfill currently accepts more than 700 tons of MSW per day and this will increase to 950 tones per day over the next 4 years. The project will consist of 8 modular pyrolysis lines and the plant will process & sort the 500 tons per day of MSW.

The total outputs of the plant:

The plant will produce 22MW of Electricity into the local grid per year and produce 48,000 litres of EN-590 standard Diesel per day. 

Project Name

Consolacion Renewable Energy Inc

Project Country

City of Consolacion, Cebu, Philippines

Local Partner of GGI

GGRE & Asain Energyststems Corp

Amount of Waste to be Processed

700 Tons MSW

Types Output from plant

Electricity: 22 MWh

Syn-Diesel: (EN-590 Grade) 48,000 Litres per year

Char: 16 tons day

Special activities

It is planned to reclaim and mine the current landfill cells 1&2 which currently hold in excess of 2 millions tons of MSW. 


This is equivalent to supplying power to 1,500 homes.

Local employment of in excess of 94 skilled and unskilled persons.

CSR activities