Globalgreen International

Corporate & Social Responsibility Program

(CSR Program)

Global Green International Investments understands the responsibility we have to ensure a better world and environment for everyone so we are considering sponsorship of non-profit organisations as a part of our CSR Program.

As a part of our community interaction we are taking our time to consider involvement with a number of organisations. Our interests include causes such as:


Children with illness

Cancer Research

As our projects evolve we are continuing our support with non-profit organisations and will keep you very informed of the causes we are supporting.

One organisation we are particularly interested in supporting is the ‘Kids with Cancer' foundation. Kids with Cancer works to raise money to help families pay for the medical expenses incurred by their children diagnosed with cancer.

Global Green International Investments is currently supporting an Education program in the Philippines, which purchases school supplies for 15 local students. This CSR program is funded by the sale of oil from a local operating energy plant. The plant also offers it’s office space to students who want to do homework, school activities and to also play basketball.

Global Green International Investments strongly believes in giving back to the community with profits made from projects.

If you have any queries regarding this program please contact Lauren Clarke.


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