Globalgreen International

San Pedro

GGII and GGRenewable Energy Inc in conjunction with Philippine partner Bacavalley Energy Inc are currently upgrading the existing BEI methane trapment facility with a US$120 Million State of the art waste to energy technology, which will include 4 x 1MW an Anaerobic Digester to process 400tons per day of food wastes to feed 4 x 1 MW GE Turbines, and five modular Pyrolysis plants. The facility will generate 18MWh and 36,000 litres of EN 590 standard diesel per day. 

The total outputs of the plant:

Bacavalley Energy project will sort and process in excess of 600 tons per day of MSW and deliver over 432MW of electricity per day to the local grid and provide 36,000 litres of EN 590 standard diesel per day.

Project Name

Bacavalley Energy Inc

Project Country

San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines

Local Partner of GGII

GG Renerable Energy Inc, BEI Inc

Amount of Waste to be Processed

200 Tons MSW

400 tons of Biomass & Food wastes

Types Output from plant

Electricity: 432,000kW/ day

Syn-Diesel: (EN-590 Grade) 36,000 Litres per Day

Char: 10 tons day

Special activities

The pre-treatment equipment is designed sort over 200 tons of MSW and 500 tons of food and biomass wastes per day.

The plant will process the feed-stocks via 3 x Hybrid pyrolysis plants and 2 x All Electricity plants and the anaerobic digester will produce enough sufficient methane to drive 4 x 1 MW GE Turbines.

The current landfill site accepts in excess of 600 tons of MSW per day and the partners intend to mine the current cells within the 150 acres landfill site, which has been in operation for 10 years. 


This is equivalent to supplying power to 11,600 homes.

Local employment of in excess of 100 persons.

CSR activities

Education Program for disadvantaged children.