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Global Green International Investments and its subsidiary company Bioplant has tabled a project to build and operate a new waste to energy facility in the city of Geelong, Victoria.

The project will be capable of sorting and processing over 400 tons per day and exporting 480MW per day of electricity into the local grid. The electricity production will be delivered from the 8 x 2Mw heat drive Meidensha Turbines, with 4 x 1.2 Mw Syn-gas turbines.

The total outputs of the plant:

The plant will also produce over 30,000 litres of renewable diesel per day. And will be able to supply electricity to over 20,000 homes. The project will be capable of reducing emissions of up to 160,000 tons of green house gases each year which is equal to taking more than 34,000 motor vehicles of our roads.

Project Name

Geelong Energy from Waste Project

Project Country

Victoria, Australia

Local Partner of GGII

Bioplant Limited

Amount of Waste to be Processed

320 Tons

Types Output from plant

Electricity: 384,000kW/ day

Syn-Diesel: (EN-590 Grade) 80,000 Litres per Day

Char: 14 tons day

Special activities

Bioplant is currently finalizing contracts to build 8 x GGII pyrolysis modular Hybrid plants. The pre-treatment equipment is designed sort over 320 tons of MSW per day and the plant will process 168 tons of the dried and sorted MSW per day via Eight Hybrid pyrolysis plants. The eight modular Hybrid plants will produce outputs of both electricity and diesel. The electricity outputs will be delivered from 8 x 2MW waste heat drive Turbines. The diesel production will be by the way of cooling and refining the syn-gas into a renewable diesel fuel to EN-590 standards.


This is equivalent to supplying power to 10,400 homes.

Local employment of in excess of 60 persons.

CSR activities

See GGII website CSR activities