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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver innovative, efficient, profitable and environmentally responsible solutions that convert energy from waste-into-syngas and reformed syngas to hydrogen - and achieve zero-waste solutions for our partners and communities. We are a renewable energy company that develops innovative solutions that solve waste problems and produce renewable energy via our unique pyrolysis process.

At the core of our philosophy lies the idea of zero-waste: Maximize Positive Use and Reduce & Simplify Waste Resources. We strongly believe that modern organizations, companies and governments need to optimize their use of resources and strike a balance between consumption, production, energy creation, and the environment.

Global Green International Investments has offices and projects worldwide and draws upon our extensive project experience and operating Pyrolysis plants and the expertise of its international partners.

Global Green International Investments and its global partners have a number of innovative technologies which are currently being implemented in our renewable energy projects around the globe.

Global Green International Investments

The story begins with more than ten years of research and development with our partners in Japan. Global Green International Investments and its international partners assembled a group of leading scientists and presented the challenge: design a small-scale system capable of transforming a variety of waste streams while using as little energy as possible and yielding ready-to-use energy products.

The technical challenges were massive; every stage of the process required unique components and sophisticated technology. The early stages were full of challenges. Results however were encouraging and over time the system has been modified and perfected to the fourth generation.



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