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Enzymes are used for many purposes to essentially refine fuel into a cleaner and more efficient product for better performance. Enzymes are biological molecules that act as catalysts to encourage complex reactions. The effect = catalyses the reaction between fuel and water.

Enzymes convert hydrocarbon elements back into fuel. This results in: increased fuel stability and lowers the activation energy. Every combustion engine benefits from using enzymes.

Enzymes are used to: Lower gas emissions, reduce fuel consumption, improves margins and develop high performance fuels.

Test’s have proven that enzymes can reduce fuel consumption by 11% and reduce greenhouse gas emissions such as: CO up to 32%, Soot up to 40% and CO2 by 6%.


Vortx is an Aero-acoustic technology that achieves particle reduction of solid materials. The vortx process is designed to replace the use of mechanical hammers and crushers in most applications. Vortx technology accelerates material to around breaking it down using sound waves and wind speed.

Vortx technology is a highly effective means to achieve particle size reduction via:

  • High throughput
  • High efficiency – reduction ratio of 500:1 per pass
  • Low operating temperatures and energy consumption of 350WH – 550WH
  • Low operational and maintenance costs
  • Small footprint – all mounted in a sound-proofed 40 foot container and scaleable, flexible designs.
  • Zero emmisions, zero pathogens
  • Very portable