Globalgreen International


Project Name

Hybrid Plant Mungyeong

Project Country

Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea

Local Partner of GGI

GGI Korea

Amount of Waste to be Processed

40 tons of wet unsorted MSW per day

Types Output from plant

Syn-Gas: Used for drying of Sewerage sludge

Syn-Diesel: (EN-590 Grade) 12,000 Litres per Day

Char: 2 tons day

Special activities

The pre-treatment equipment is designed sort over 40 tons of MSW per day and the pyrolysis plant will process 21 tons of the dried and sorted MSW supplied by the local Government.The 21 Ton per day Hybrid pyrolysis plant produces outputs of both Syn-Gas and Diesel. The plant also processes and dries 500 tons per day of waste sewerage from the local factories.

This plant has been operating since 2009.


This is equivalent to supplying 10,000 litres per day of Diesel for home heating and the sewerage pellets are used for replacement fuels.

CSR activities

See GGII website CSR activities